Media is Essential in Brazil

Media is a key point to work with when doing business in Brazil. Brazilian business persons and consumers are very sensitive to what is on the media. Therefore once you decided to enter Brazilian market you will certainly need a PR and Media Relations Agency for strategic planning and communicating your activities in the country.


Communication that understands Brazil and understands you

Different from average communication agencies, one of the main philosophy of Think Global and its partners is building a solid bridge between Brazilians and non Brazilians by understanding the cultural operational differences that may impact directly in your business in Brazil. Having us as partners for entering in Brazil is having a local vision translated to your way of seeing things and vice versa.


Get the right word through

 Communicating properly with someone who understands Brazilian culture and your needs will put your business ahead.


International PR

Think Global has partnered with AJA Media Solutions, a British PR company with an international focus, which works with a multicultural team to prepare strategies tailor made for each company and their audiences in different countries.

Respecting local cultures and using the most effective communication tools, AJA and its team of international experts and associates develop the right strategy for businesses to reach potential and existing clients, opinion makers and journalists in 10 countries.

AJA offers data analysis services, turning data into insight to give its clients the edge in any country. Its exclusive AJA Data Report finds out information about potential clients, investors, competitors, opportunities and challenges in 35 languages.