Before starting to do Business in a different country it is essential to understand its culture in order to succeed. It wouldn’t be different when doing business with Brazil.


Dive into Brazilian way 

It is a two-hour presentation followed by questions, discussions as well as tips for further information. It covers:

·        Brazil at a glance: Overview in history, geography and population;

·        How Brazilians see Non-Brazilians;  

·        How Brazilians see themselves;

·        Greetings;

·        Business conversation;

·        Sensitive topics;

·        Tips for Business;

·        Typically Brazilian: ideas of typical Brazilian resources for business and marketing;

·        Networking: introduction of networking for getting by in Business (information resources).



An eye contact with an expert

 By hiring Think Global Brazil, you have access to an expert who will prompt you throughout the main features of Brazilian culture which may be tricky for a non Brazilian. Besides that, you can deepen your knowledge by solving your doubts and personal interests.



 Interacting with Brazilians with Confidence

The main objective of the programmatic content of this presentation and conversation is providing you with confidence for your activities in Brazil both in business or personal interests.